Improve Your Marketing In 2021 With These 5 Popular Trends

Improve Your Marketing In 2021 With These Trends
Improve Your Marketing In 2021 With These Trends

Here Are Some Of The Marketing Trends We Spotted So Far In 2021

If you are looking for some new ways to boost sales this year, then be sure to give some of these trends a try.

Some of these you may already be using, so if you are that’s great. But if you find one that you’re not, you may want to add it to your arsenal as well.

Live Videos

Improve Your Marketing In 2021 With These Trends

There no doubt that LIVE video is one of the most popular things on social media right now. In fact, it’s been trending for a while now.

People enjoy it more, because it’s more engaging, as they can participate and ask questions in real-time in the chat.

More people are spending less time reading content and more time watching videos these days.

So doing LIVE videos only makes sense.

Plus, it’s a great way to interact with your audience and build relationships to enhance your brand.

So don’t skip out on LIVE videos as they can make a big impact on your business if done right.

Experimental Tech

Improve Your Marketing In 2021 With These Trends

By using virtual reality a company can enhance a customer’s perceived experience of a product by showing them what it would be like to own it before they even get their hands on it.

One example that’s already being used right now can be found on

You can download their app for your phone if you are shopping for eyewear (prescription glasses or sunglasses).

And how it works is, you basically use your mobile phone’s camera (with the app) to try on different glasses virtually.

This way you can see what they would look like on you first before you decided to order a pair.

Giving the customers a ‘virtual try-on’, gives them the ability to make a quicker buying decision now, rather than having to go into a physical store and buying later. This results in more sales and less returns.


Improve Your Marketing In 2021 With These Trends
Personalized Ads

I’ve personally seen this trend come out in 2018.

There have been many new products that have come out that offer personalized Ads though.

One that comes to mind is video software that can actually add the person’s first name inside the video. Their name can be visually seen and also spoken as well all by using A.I.

I’ve seen Publishers Clearing House using this AI technology before.

I’ve also seen this technology on some software that has come out called Video Remix.

This is definitely something you may want to consider using if you want your brand to stand out, get noticed, and be remembered.

Using Chatbots

Improve Your Marketing In 2021 With These Trends
Chat Bots

Chatbots such as manychat are used on social media such as Facebook to automatically have a conversation with your potential customers.

Some chatbots are also used on websites. As potential customers land on the sales page, the chatbot can engage them and answer any frequently asked questions you may have feed into the software.

Some companies use these Chatbots to also relay business hours or special sales that are happening throughout the current week such as Black Friday Sales, Flash Sales, or special holiday sales.

Push Notifications

Improve Your Marketing In 2021 With These Trends
Push Notifications

Push notifications can help you to attract more customers by sending real-time updates and reminders that get your audience to regularly engage with your brand even if they’re not aware of it.

I personnel use PushEngage for our push notifications.

This works with phones, desktop computers, iPads.

Push notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your audience. 

By utilizing this technology you can now send a message to potential customers that have signed up with instant notifications about sales, specials or coupons that they can use right away.

This is great as email sometimes gets lost, but everybody checks their phones instantly when a message pops up.

Through careful planning and a focus on your business goals, you can use push notifications to grow and retain your customer base.

One of the great uses of Push Notifications is the abandoned cart strategy. If someone forgets about an item in their cart in your store you can create a push notifications campaign where users would be alerted if they left the store with an item still in their cart.

By using this strategy you can easily increase your retargeting click-through rate by 2-3 times compared to classic mobile ads.

Well that’s going to rap up on how to Improve Your Marketing In 2021 With These 5 Popular Trends.

4 Reasons Why Almost 95% Of Shopify Websites Fail

4 Reasons Why Almost 95% Of Shopify Websites Fail
4 Reasons Why Almost 95% Of Shopify Website Fail

Here are 4 reasons why almost 95% of Shopify websites fail. There are likely more than just 4 reasons I’m sure, but I think these are really the main ones that portray the determining factor of failure.

Do you know what almost 95% of Shopify websites and dropshipping stores fail?

Design is the first aspect everyone looks at when they visit a Shopify website. That is why it is compulsory to have a good design for a Shopify website with hot winning products and best SEO optimization.

Let’s dive into each one individually…

Poor Designed Website

4 Reasons Why Almost 95% Of Shopify Websites Fail
Poor Designed Website

Having a website that looks nice is one thing but having one that works for the customers is something else.

Can they navigate the site easily?

When they search the site, do the search results bring up what they were looking for?

Another reason why web design features and content are important is that they play a big role in how search-engine algorithms view and index your website.

Although there are several people that can simply create a website, it takes a skilled person to design a website that looks polished and functional.

If that’s what you are looking for in your Shopify Store, then I recommend you check out Shopify Buds.

No Winning Products

4 Reasons Why Almost 95% Of Shopify Websites Fail
No Winning Products

There’s no doubt that people love to buy stuff. But if your store doesn’t have what is trending or does not include what your visitors are looking for and want to buy then you simply won’t make any money.


4 Reasons Why Almost 95% Of Shopify Websites Fail
SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is a significant factor because it puts your website in front of more eyeballs leading to more traffic and more opportunities to convert visitors into raving customers.

SEO can also help build your brand awareness which positions you as an authoritative expert in your industry. This in turn helps build your relationship with your visitors.

Poor Graphics

4 Reasons Why Almost 95% Of Shopify Websites Fail
Interesting & Intriguing graphics

Amazing and interesting graphic design can give your website a huge boost by increasing its visual appeal, professionalism, and brand awareness.

It also helps to promote communications of ideas to your visitors.

If your site increases a feeling of connection between your brand and the visitor then you are on the right track. Remember most buyers buy what they see because it looks good.

For example, if you are selling clothes and you have nice models modeling them, the visitor can imagine themselves looking like the models wearing those clothes.

If they see someone wearing a nice pair of shoes and it looks good on them, they can imagine those shoes also looking good on them as well.

So when selling things it’s best to use people to display them because people form connections with people, not things in general.

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Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, but this is at no additional cost to you. View our full affiliate disclaimer by clicking on the “Disclaimer” link on the bottom of the page.

Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?
White Label Software To Sell As Your Own

First of all, what is White Label Rights Software anyway?

I’ve done a lot of research on this topic and I always wondered where can I find white label software to sell as my own?

White label rights software simply means that you can re-brand the original software that was created by another company/person and once you buy rights you can call it whatever you want. You can essentially re-brand it to make it your own as you created it.

What are some of the benefits of using white label software?

Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?
White Label Software Benefits

Some of the benefits of using white label software are:

  • It saves time because you don’t have to create it
  • You can rename it to make it your own
  • You save money because you don’t have to pay developers

So I guess you question now is…

Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?


Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?

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What is Rebrand Apps?

REBRAND APPS are 4 of the best software products that you get 100% White Label Rights to.

You can completely rebrand, sell them as your own, and keep 100% of the profits.

You can sell them together or separately. Set your own prices. Charge single or subscription-based fees. Choose to upsell or sell them as single products. Change the names, change the branding, YOU OWN IT.

Let’s take a look at the 4 software products included

You can watch a demo video of each of these products on my review page here!

SEO Snapshot

Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?
SEO Snapshot

A one-click solution to complete SEO analysis. Your customers will be able to export reports of any website from a search engine’s perspective, perform on-page SEO audits, and even get detailed traffic estimations, mobile analysis, page speed and load times, and social page analysis. Serious content marketers and SEO businesses are going to eat this up.


Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?

This is a complete project management system allowing your customers to handle physical or virtual teams with unparalleled ease. From assigning and coordinating major projects with milestones and task lists to managing unlimited files to tracking employees’ time to handling vast amounts of complicated project data in a simple, easy to understand bird’s eye view format – this app is the perfect tool for those managing any team size.


Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?

One of the most comprehensive and complete help desk and support system software solutions ever created. Your customers will be able to manage all of their customer service issues, ticket requests, and internal help requests in one centralize location with this 100% web-based solution.


Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?

An extremely powerful and diverse retargeting app that will allow your customers to leverage any retargeting platform including Facebook, Google, Adroll, Retargeter, Fetchback, and CHango. Your customers will be able to easily and quickly work with any retargeting code, manage multiple users, retarget from any landing page, and even retarget users on specific websites. This is a must-have for serious online marketers who use ads to sell affiliate offers, products, and more such as Teespring campaigns.

How Do I Purchase These White Label Software?

Where Can I Find White Label Software To Sell?
Where Do I Find White Label Software To Sell

You can pick these up right here!

But if you want to see what extra bonuses I have for you if you get these using my link and see all the demo videos of each product and watch my full review of these products go here!

If you are just getting started with marketing, you may want to check out my blog post on Internet Selling For Newbies.

Internet Selling For Newbies

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, but this is at no additional cost to you. View our full affiliate disclaimer by clicking on the “Disclaimer” link on the bottom of the page. - Internet Selling For Newbies
Internet Selling For Newbies

Is internet selling for newbies even possible?

Is there really a way to generate a legitimate, reliable income from home without tech skills or any type of prior experience?

The simple answer is… YES!

Anybody can do this.

However, the question you need to ask yourself is, do you have shiny object syndrome?

If you don’t know what that means, here is the simple definition…

What Is Shiny Object Syndrome? - Internet Selling For Newbies
Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome: When someone keeps jumping from product to product with no real direction but they just keep looking for that ONE THING that will make them rich. And they just can’t seem to find it.

If you have Shiny Object Syndrome here are some of the things you might be noticing:

  • Buying product after product in a non-ending cycle
  • Trying to figure it all out by spending countless hours at your computer
  • Jumping from method to method while getting pulled into different directions
  • Day in and day out still trying to find the missing piece to the puzzle

If you shook your head YES to any of those bullet points above…

Then YUP… you have it!

So what’s the answer? How do you solve this problem?

Internet Selling For Newbies - Internet Selling For Newbies
Internet Selling For Newbies - Internet Selling For Newbies
Omar & Melinda Martin

This course was created by Omar & Melinda Martin. And in my opinion, if you want to get rid of your Shiny Object Syndrome forever, then this product will definitely help you do it!

To make a long story short, I to had the Shiny Object Syndrome too. But once I was introduced to Internet Selling For Newbies everything started to change for me and I never looked back.

And it’s kind of funny because Omar was also in the same boat and that’s why he created Internet Selling For Newbies to help people snap out of it too.

What Internet Selling For Newbies is NOT! - Internet Selling For Newbies
What This Is NOT!

Here’s a list of things that this course has nothing to do with:

  • It’s NOT eCom or Amazon selling
  • There are no physical goods or shipping hassles
  • No SEO, or client headaches to deal with
  • It’s NOT MLM or spamming people

And yes, anybody can do this. No Gimmicks, No Bullcrap!

In fact, Omar struggled as a newbie for 18 months trying to be a great “marketer” but he wasn’t making any money. He wasn’t making any sales.

Until of course he finally discovered this system that changed his life.

Can you imagine what your life would look like if you were bringing in $23,774.56 per month from home?

Imagine for a second if you had a solid online business that makes you $792.49 per day…

  • No more waking up early to go to that 9 to 5 grind
  • No more working to make someone else rich
  • No more information overload
  • No more jumping from product to product

What would you do with that kind of money?

Omar and Melinda BOTH quit their jobs and started working from home.

They built their custom dream home in Orlando Flordia and even built a house next door for Omar’s mom and tossed her the keys!

Pretty cool right? - Internet Selling For Newbies
Omar & Melinda’s beautiful home and mom giving the approval

Plus they add a pool and pool house just for fun and paid for it in cash.

Does that sound like something you would want to do?

Oh and I forgot to mention that they were homeless at one point back in 2003.

But after discovering the system in Internet Selling For Newbies they finally pulled out of it and started their online journey to success.

Stop Being The Marketed And Become The Marketer

Marketing is one thing and SELLING is something else. Sales are what makes you money, but they had to learn the hard way.

But now you can skip all the trial and errors that they made and just reap the EXACT process that they used to make millions of dollars online by selling digital products on JVZoo. - Internet Selling For Newbies
JVZoo Product Sells

So if you are interested in building a long term steady online income that can provide you and your family with the lie you’ve always dreamed about this is the BEST PLACE TO START!

Once you learn everything, you’ll also want to take note of where to find the best traffic sources. I have a blog post right here called 6 Best Traffic Sources For Marketing In 2020 that can help with that.

If you have any questions at this point about Internet Selling For Newbies you can find all of the details right here!

How To Create A Digital Marketing Plan

We all know how powerful the web can be to transform our business. But how do you know what is the plan to take?

In this blog post, we’ll talk about a plan and how to construct one.

If you’d rather watch how I constructed my own you can do so here.

STEP ONE: BUSINESS MODEL - business plan

Before you can figure out how to create a digital marketing plan you first need to create a business model so you can visually see what steps you need to take to start seeing success.

If you’re into marketing then you might have heard about Ryan Deiss & The Million Dollar Napkin. Essentially he basically writes his whole business model down on a single napkin. And the point here is if you can’t create a business plan that is so simple that it will fit on a single napkin then maybe you are overthinking it.


Of course, if you don’t have a whiteboard you can draw it out on paper or whatever you have available. Just make sure you draw it out so that you can have a precise vision of what it would look like.

Everything needs to be accounted for.

Such as:

  • What are you going to sell
  • Who are you going to sell it to
  • what types of ways are you going to sell it

Once you figure out the basic stuff then you can add in the more detailed things that you will need to put this into action.

Such as:

  • Where are you going to sell it (eg. your own website, a platform such as Warrior Plus or JVZoo or some other platform where you can host it)
  • How will you automate most of the process from promoting it to following up with your new buyers
  • What autoresponder service will you choose (there are many) so you can maintain a good connection and relationship with your buyers to market to them again so that they become repeat buyers and loyal fans


After everything is drawn out and you have all the details figure in you can not put the plan into action so that you can work out any kinks that may occur.

This will be a long-drawn-out process that could take a few weeks, months, are even a full year to see how things develop.

But if you see that things are not working after a few weeks it may be time to tweak things here and there to make sure everything is flowing effortlessly.

If your plan doesn’t work out the first time don’t worry almost nobodies do. You will face failures just like everybody else, but just remember never try and reinvent the wheel.

If a plan works the first time don’t try and tinker with it too much as you may very well break it. Don’t fix what isn’t broken as they say.

If you are a complete newbie, I would recommend you get started with a course called Internet Selling For Newbies first, so you stay on the right track.

To sum this all up remember that you’ve got to start somewhere so make sure you are actually doing something you are really passionate about so that it doesn’t get boring for you which could lead to you giving up on it.

Stick to niches that you really love so you can overcome all obstacles that get in your path.

With that being said, I wish you luck on which ever endeavor you choose to go with.

how to create a digital marketing plan -