When it comes to anything video related that's where our true passion shines!

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Explainer Video
For Your

If you have a product or service then you need a good Video Explainer to show the world what you've got to offer. These videos are an excellent way to get the word out about your new products/services on Facebook, YouTube, and other major Social Media Platforms.

Interviews To
Help Your Branding/Awareness

Want to make an even bigger impact and grow your branding? Then a Professional Interview Video about your business or service can really build up some authority for your specific field. This will bring in more business for your establishment plus will instantly build trust within your audience.

For Your

If you want the Ultimate Exposure for you business, then our Commercial Video is what you are looking for. This will separate you from a mediocre business and put you in the front row seat of all your clients and customers that are looking for your business or service.



USA DIGI is a local Video Marketing Agency Service for Lafayette, Louisiana that provides state-of-the-art Video Explainers, Video Interviews, and Video Commercials. 

We also do aerial drone footage for real estate properties. And professional photography of interior & exteriors for home listings.

The main focus of our videos to help you rank for your listing, business, or services on YouTube. These videos can also play a big part in getting you more business from Facebook and other Social Platforms.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I’ve studied under marketing greats, such as Frank Kern, Jay White, Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Michael Rassmussen, Dan Kennedy, Sean Mize, Paul Nicholls, Todd Gross, Brett Rutecky, Mike Thomas (Mike from Maine), Mike Cowles, Brendan Mace, Anthony Mancuso, Jono Armstrong, and Kam Jennings so far as of 2018. I have 7 marketing certifications. You can view them below.

Testimonials From a Few of Our Customers

Amazing feedback from our customers from around the World

LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! Truly awesome experience. Your video explanation was just fabulous! Beyond grateful. Highly recommend!



Ronnie has helped me build my site from scratch. I'm in the LOA niche and he has been helping me build my list and my brand. He's quick, responsive and one hell of a mentor! 

anna dobrincic


Ronnie is a professional enough said :)

Paul hannan


It's always a pleasure working with Ronnie. He's FAST and provides QUALITY work every time! I'm a repeat customer and will continue to keep coming back. He's a LIFE SAVER!



Frequently Asked Questions

Is your videos available with real footage or animations?

We use two formats for our videos. Live footage and animations. Upon check out, you will have a choice to choose a particular style or to include them both together as most do.

Does voice-over come with the explainer video?

Yes. You will have a choice after check-out. There will be a form for you to fill out about all your details and you will have a choice between a Male or Female American accent voice-over specialist.

If you require a special voice-over accent other than what we provide, you will have to seek out your own voice-over specialist, as we do not have time to do this for you.

What do I need to send you to create a great video?

I will need your video script and any files you would like to be included in the video such as: Logo, Company Name, Product, Service, Website URL, CO. Number, etc.

Make sure your logo is in png with transparent background if possible so we can use it over any color.

If you don't have a script written we will write one for you.

Do you offer modifications?

Yes, you get 1 revision per order. This does not include voice-over revisions because we do not do that in-house here.

That is done by someone else for us. That’s why it’s important that your script is the way you want it before it goes to the voice-over specialist.